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France 2001

A trip to The Opal Coast

On the coast near Wimereux, heading toward Cap Gris-Nez.

Yes, those are mussels and yes, they are good served steamed with a cold beer.

The lighthouse and radar antenna at Cap Gris-Nez (and Jody too).

A WWII bunker overlooking the channel. Hitler was sure that the allies would invade in this area rather than Normandy. He was wrong.

A view to the South.

Jody, the Superbunkermodel

The interior of one of the bunkers.

The view North from Cap Gris-Nez to Cap Blanc-Nez.

The village of Tardinghen. It's pretty typical of Northern France.

A view of the English Channel (or La Manche from this side) between the capes.

A panorama taken near Cap Blanc-Nez.

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