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France 2001

Senlis and it's cathedral

Senlis is a charming old town just North of Paris. We spent our last night in France there in the Hostellerie de la Port Bellon.

Dinner was served in the courtyard. If you look to the West from the courtyard you can see the cathedral spire.

The west facade of the cathedral. Like St. Omer, the other buildings nearby make taking an all-encompassing photo difficult.

This cathedral was started in 1153, but lack of funds and accidents meant that construction went on until the 19th century, accounting for the mishmash of architectural styles. It's a stunning building nonetheless.

The gargoyles.

The South rose window. A great example of the Flamboyant Gothic style.

Senlis has some great stained glass windows.

The nave and chancel.

Au revoir...