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Don't Tread On Me

My Stuff:

El Yunque and Vieques 2005

Culebra 2003

California, 2002

The Gathering

Culebra, 2002

France, June 2001

Waterdown Group Ride

Fruita Group Ride

My Old Bikes

Israel Photos (Warning -- Boring work related stuff)

How Hurricane Lenny nearly ruined our vacation

E Mail Me: johnburt AT ptd DOT net

A Few Good Links

Mountain Bike Review
Sheldon Brown: Everything you need to know
Bontrager: Strong, Light, Cheap. Pick Two
Mike T's Bike Tech FAQ: Do it yourself
C.H.V.N.K 666: Choppers!

Samuel Smith: The best pale ale in the world
Fullers: Try the ESB
Unibroue: A little bit of Belgium in Canada
Brewery Ommegang: A little bit of Belgium in Cooperstown
Flying Fish Brewing: New Jersey's best brewery

NASA's Earth Observatory
Terraserver: Not as good as it used to be
Intellicast: The Best Weather on The Web
SRTM: Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Earthview: Very Cool
Maptech: Free Topographic maps and more
J-Pass: See the Shuttle and Space Station

Good Eats with Alton Brown
More Good Eats
Epicurious has a big recipe database
RecipeSource (formerly SOAR)

National Review
Opinion Journal
Andrew Sullivan has sadly lost his mind
The Weekly Standard
James Lileks
little green footballs
USS Clueless

Creationism? I don't think so
Weird Science
Urban Legends debunked
How airplanes really fly

CLC's Sassafras: I've decided to build this one
The Wee Lassie from Feather Canoes
The Dusk from Stillwater
Nimrod from The Boat Shop

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